Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014)

“Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces” is a 2014 film directed by David Lynch, serving as a companion piece to the third season of the popular television series “Twin Peaks.” The film consists of previously unseen footage and deleted scenes from the original series, as well as some new material.

The film features many of the original cast members from the series, including Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, and Ray Wise. It provides further insight into the mysterious town of Twin Peaks and its inhabitants, as well as delving deeper into the backstory of several characters.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics, with many praising the performances of the cast and the direction of Lynch. It was released on home video and streaming platforms as part of the “Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery” box set, which also includes the original series and the film “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.”

Overall, “Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces” offers fans of the series a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world and characters created by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

Duration: 91 min.

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