United (2011)

IMDb 7.3

“United” is a British television film released in 2011 and directed by James Strong. The movie tells the true story of the 1958 Munich air disaster, in which a plane carrying members of the Manchester United football team crashed while attempting to take off, killing 23 people, including eight players.

The film focuses on the aftermath of the disaster, as the surviving players and staff attempt to rebuild the team and honor the memory of their fallen colleagues. The movie features a talented cast of actors, including David Tennant, Jack O’Connell, and Dougray Scott.

“United” was praised for its sensitive handling of a tragic and emotionally charged event, with critics lauding the film’s performances and attention to detail. The movie was also praised for its portrayal of the team’s resilience and determination in the face of overwhelming grief and loss.

“United” was broadcast on the BBC to critical acclaim and has since gained a following among football fans and those interested in the history of the sport.

Duration: 94 min.


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