Zookeeper (2011)

“Zookeeper” is a comedy film released in 2011 and directed by Frank Coraci. The movie stars Kevin James as a lovable zookeeper named Griffin Keyes, who decides to quit his job at the zoo when he learns that the woman he loves is engaged to another man.

However, the zoo animals, who can talk among themselves and have grown to love Griffin as their caretaker, decide to break their code of silence and reveal their ability to speak to Griffin in an attempt to help him win back his love interest.

The film is known for its family-friendly humor and the vocal talents of its star-studded cast, which includes Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Cher, and Nick Nolte, among others. It received generally negative reviews from critics, with many criticizing its formulaic plot and reliance on crude humor.

Despite mixed critical reception, “Zookeeper” was a modest commercial success, grossing over $170 million worldwide. The film has since gained a following among fans of Kevin James and family-friendly comedies.

Duration: 102 min.

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